Friday, August 19, 2011

GAPS Birthday Cake

Buddy turned five this week! I made him a GAPS Diet legal birthday cake and it was delish!

I made the Coconut Flour Orange Cake from this recipe. or here (you can leave out the baking powder) And then I frosted it with the Marshmallow Fluff recipe from here.   This was really good! I doubled the cake recipe to make a two layer cake. I would recommend taking the cake out of the pan before putting the orange juice over it (if you plan on serving it from another dish). I also used four egg whites instead of one in the Marshmallow Fluff, but the same amount of maple syrup called for. Frost this right before serving because the egg whites deflate as it sits. I think the maple syrup contributed to that. Even when it melted on the left over pieces it was delicious but it was ugly left over.

I use the coconut flour from Wilderness Family Naturals. You can buy it here or here. The Bob's Red Mill coconut flour is denser than the one I like to use. Just keep in mind that every company's coconut flour is a little different in consistency and that will determine the texture of your finished product. I like to make coconut flour pancakes with Bob's Red Mill coconut flour. But it makes more crumbly, dry bread. I will share my Coconut Flour Pancake Recipe and Coconut Flour Read Recipes soon. I use the Wilderness Family Naturals Coconut Flour for bread.


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