Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Allergen Free Cranberry Jelly

I did it!!!! I made cranberry jelly for Buddy. (Now I just hope that he will like it as well as the stuff out the can) Buddy loves the canned cranberry jelly.  Yes, I mean the one you pour out in the shape of the can. But the only problem is that even the Organic stuff I can get from the store has sugar and lemon juice in it (citrus is a big allergen). So I set out to make some. I decided against the whole cranberry method, because Buddy has texture issues. And I thought I could probably not get it completely free from pulp and seeds. So I decided on pure cranberry juice. The first batch I forgot about on the stove and it burnt (agave nectar smells really bad when burned). I was going to use fruit pectin, but then I read the ingredients (dextrose and citric acid etc). So I went with good old plain gelatin (we have no problems really in the meat department).

Cranberry Jelly-

1 cup cold pure cranberry juice (I used Knudsen's Organic Just Cranberry Juice)
2 cups cranberry juice
Rice Syrup and Agave Nectar to taste (~ 1 cup rice syrup and 1/4 cup agave) I used Lundberg's Rice Syrup & Madhava Amber Agave Nectar
Box of pure gelatin (I used Knox unflavored gelatin)

Pour 3 c. cold cranberry juice in to pot, stir in rice syrup and agave (sweeten to taste). Ladle out 1 cup of sweetened juice. Bring  remaining 2 cups of juice to a boil. Meanwhile sprinkle 3 packs of plain gelatin (box comes with four) over the 1 cup cold cranberry juice and let sit for one minute. Pour boiling juice into bowl with cold juice that was mixed with gelatin. Stir well to combine. Let cool and place in refrigerator. Refrigerate until set.

Now we are ready for Thanksgiving!

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