Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gone Gluten Free

Well, we have officially taken Buddy completely off of gluten. After much reading and talking with others I decided to give it a go. We decided to not have him tested, because of the concern that official diagnosis would create a black mark on him with insurance later in life. So we are going forth assuming that gluten is the source of the problem and believing we will see results.

We have already started to see results. We removed gluten completely about a month ago. His appetite has increased more and he seems to be feeling better over all. He is really starting to eat like a BOY! (that makes this mother very happy) We are still avoiding all the other foods we have been. That being said, going  gluten free is simple and yet not. Just because something is labeled gluten free does not mean that it is safe for Buddy to eat. I hope that over time that WILL become so for him. Our hope is that his body will heal, once the gluten has been out of his sytem for an extended period of time, and we can eventually start trying to add other foods back in on a rotational basis.

I am changing once again how I cook for Buddy to be completely gluten free and watching more carefully for cross contamination issues (because the rest of us have to eat too). I can't afford nor desire to put the whole family on a gluten free diet, so watching for cross contamination is always important.

I am also having to search out new sources for things like flours and oats. Wow! Gluten free oats are expensive! I mean like four times the cost of regular oats!! But as I discover new sources I will try and post them here. And as I come up with new recipes I will add them in as well. Hopefully those things will be helpful to someone.

So off to peruse Amazon.....

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