Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Menu? What's a Menu?- How do we eat

So I am long overdue in posting a basic weekly menu and how we do what we do. I do not make menu plans. I cook what I feel like cooking that afternoon based on the foods I have on hand. This list is in retrospect using Buddy's food diary -actually a large calendar posted on the fridge. I fill it in as he eats foods that day and circle the allergen food. Then I can look at what is circled and see a visual of what allergens he has eaten when. Based on that, I will never let him eat something in less than four days. So if he eats an allergen food, he can not eat the food again for another three days (atleast).

I am trying really hard to give Buddy more days in a row that he eats allergen free. There are some foods that he eats pretty much everyday (especially Peanut Butter) but the boy has to eat!  I will just put in what I cooked for the rest of the family each night for dinner to help give the bigger picture. Breakfast and lunch are the usual uninteresting orders of wheat bread sandwiches etc.

Okay not terribly interesting post but maybe it will give an idea to those who are needing to cook for different food needs in the same house.

A generel rule of thumb, I try and cook the same protein for everyone for dinner but just modify it for Buddy. As when I make chili or meatloaf or meatballs and spaghetti, I make a hamburger on the side (his favorite food anyway!) for Buddy. I pull off the meat for his hamburger before I start assembling the dish and then fry it in a small pan right before we are ready to eat. If we eat pasta, then I cook a small sauce pan full of rice pasta for Buddy. Or when I cook chicken or pork I try and cook the meat the same way but have a smaller baking pan with Buddy's meat that is seasoned safely for him. It is possible to feed everyone and not lose your mind trying to do it. I try and keep it simple.

Here goes the break down, if you're not still with me by the end,
I understand  ....

Day 1 (*allergen foods eaten)
Organic Oatmeal with Maple Syrup

Gluten Free Bread with Organic Peanut Butter & Local Honey along with apple slices

Tuna Patties with onion and garlic powder pan fried in safflower oil and coconut oil with steamed Brown Rice and fruit (* allergen foods- fish & onions)
( The rest of the family ate Tuna Patties with Brown Rice and green beans)

Day 2 (allergen free)
Fried Egg with Corn grits

Gluten Free Bread with Organic Peanut Butter & Local Honey along with apple slices and corn chips

Baked chicken breast, steamed organic brown rice and apple slices. I try and cook the same protein in a smaller pan with Buddy's allowed seasonings.
(The rest of the family has baked marinated chicken breasts with baked potatoes and salad)

Day 3 (*allergen food eaten)
Scrambled egg with gluten free bread toasted

(can we all guess this time?) - Gluten Free Bread with Organic Peanut Butter & Local Honey with Peach chunks

Shelton's Turkey Hot Dog (* allergen food- has sage family seasonings in it) with organic mustard and local honey with Deboles Brown Rice Pasta and blueberries and applesauce
(The rest of the family had .... ummm I don't remember, I only keep a food log for Buddy!)

Day 4 (allergen free)
Fried Eggs with Rice Pancakes and maple syrup

*clearing throat* ummm  Gluten Free Bread with Organic Peanut Butter & Local Honey with grapes

Hamburger with Cascadian Farms Krinkle Cut Fries with blueberries and So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk Ice Cream
(The rest of the family had Hamburgers on Wheat Bread and salad and regular ice cream)

Day 5 (allergen free)
Fried egg with grits

Gluten Free Bread with Organic Peanut Butter & Local Honey with peach chunks and blueberries

Hamburger with Pamela's corn muffins and more blueberries ( cooked Buddy's Hamburger from the same beef that I made the chili- just in a small separate pan)
(The rest of the family had Chili with corn muffins and salad)

Day 6 (*allergen food eaten)
Eggs and Coconut Milk Yogurt with blueberries (*the coconut yogurt has cane sugar in it which is an allergen)

Gluten Free Bread with Organic Peanut Butter & Local Honey and Banana

Pork tenderloin with steamed brown rice and applesauce and blueberries, and Vanilla Almond Breeze with Arrowhead Mills Puffed Corn (he was reaaally hungry that night)
(The rest of the family had Roast Pork Tenderloin, baked potatoes or steamed rice and yellow summer squash) I usually buy the Pork tenderloins from Kroger that are two in a pack. I roast both- one seasoned for Buddy and other seasoned for the rest of the family.

Day 7 ( allergen free )
Oatmeal with maple syrup and raisins

ummm do I really need to type lunch?.... with apples slices and corn chips

Ian's Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets with Cascadian Farms Organic Fries  with applesauce and Homemade Puffed Grain Bar for dessert.
(The rest of the family ate- either Grilled Pre-seasoned Steaks or Applegate Farms Organic chicken nuggets with fries or baked potatoes and salad)

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